Education Committee Meeting Notes Friday, December 9th

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Agenda for Education Committee Meeting

Friday, December 9th 9:30-11:00 A.M.

  1. Welcome, nosh and meet any new faces

    2. SJS Numbers
            a. Total Enrollment numbers: 53 students
                Totals by Grade-Sunday:
                i. Kindergarten/First grade-7
               ii. Second/Third grade- 8
              iii. Fourth/Fifth grade- 8
              iv. Sixth/Seventh grade- 22
               v. Madrichim-8

           b. Totals Enrollment-Wednesday: 23 students
               Total by Grade-Wednesday:
               i.Eighth: 1
               ii. Sixth/Seventh: 19
             iii.Fifth grade: 3

    3. Introduce new Education Committee Co-Chairs
         a.Madeleine Hill and Todd Devere
         b. Change of time for Education Committee from Friday’s to Sunday’s

    4. Recap of the past 12 months
          a. Set schedules that met every other month in a timely, fun 90 minute model.

          b. Created an open forum for people to come whenever they want or can

          c. Modeled parent/professional Co-Chair leadership

          d. Transparency through posting all Ed. Committee minutes online

          e. Created subcommittees (6)

          f. Enhanced communications, more frequency, fun formats

          g. Board representation at all Education Committee meetings.

    5. Next steps for the education committee
          a. Have each of the 6 subcommittees meet 2x between Education Committee meetings.

    6. Questions and answers
          a. Add a security committee?

          b. What is the protocol for students who have had their Bar/Bat Mitzvah?  Do they continue in Kadima on Wednesdays?

          c. Creating a designated play area for the little ones on Saturday morning services

          d. Creating an online platform for parents to chat.  Facebook, Shutterfly or individual website?

    7. Text study
          a. We revisited the Education Committee Visioning poster made at the beginning of 2016 to see how we did in achieving our goals and where we would like to focus for the next year.

Education Committee Meeting Notes Friday, October 14

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Temple Emanu El

Education Committee Meeting

October 14, 9:30-11:00


9:30     Introduction of New Faces

9:40     Director Jessica Bram facilitates our Learning Path

                        Opening and High Holiday programing review

  • Opening Day:
    • The Numbers
      • 51 students present opening day
      • All parents were in attendance
      • 16 new students registered for opening day
        • 5 new families-many have joined temple
      • Waiting on 7 families to register with 9 kids
    • Review-ATTACHED
  • High Holiday Programming
    • RH
      • Erev: 11
      • Jr. Cong.: 20 participants
        • 9 participants not part of SJS
          • Contacting families with a survey monkey review and invite to Sukkot and Simchat Torah.
    • YK
      • Erev: 4
      • Jr. Cong: 12

9:55     Subcommittee updates from:

  • Teacher Appreciation, planning ahead: Monica
  • Purim, Bigger and Better: Jessica
    • Purim Committee call out beginning on after Thanksgiving
  • Bar Mitzvah, Reaching Out: Cathy and Jeff
    • 10 have dates
      • Had meetings with all 7th grade families- waiting on 4 dates.
      • Will begin meeting with 6th grade families asap
    • Rabbi, Jan Fried and Jessica are leading a 6th/7th grade family education day Saturday, November 5th that will focus on all things Bar/Bat Mitzvah including:
      • Service
      • Roles for each family member
      • Catering options
      • Facilities usage
      • Speeches (both student and parent)
      • And much more

10:25     Gan Updates: Robyn Israel

10:30     Craft Fair

  • Flyers will be put out at the Sukkot BBQ
  • Teachers have already been informed and are beginning to think about what they would like to do for a presentation. 
    • They will rehearse on stage before the event
  • Food
    • Asking food service oriented family to be in charge of baked goods and lunch.
      • Baked goods sign up will be available beginning Sunday, October 23

11:40     Final 2016 Meeting December 9, 2017 9:30-11:00

  • Pass on Parent Co-Chair Role, Cathy pau
  • Could invite Board and give a year’s overview
  • Holiday pot luck
  • Goals for 2017 to be established including: transparency, organization, new meeting time, fundraising,


Education Committee Meeting Notes Friday, August 12

08/18/2016 04:03:35 PM


Education Committee Meeting Agenda August 10, 2016

  • Welcome 
  • Text Study
    • Jessica led us in a text study about Moses, leadership and the need for everyone to contribute in meaningful ways.
  • Enrollment and budget
    • Jessica went over the SJS goal of 50 students beginning in the fall and broke down how many anticipated returning (31) and new (15+) students we have as of August 10th
    • Registration- All students and families who participated in SJS or Kadima last year were automatically reenrolled and emailed their filled out registration information.  New families have a link they were sent from the temple website. 
    • Richard shared the JEC budget and explained the anticipated revenue is based on 40 students in SJS.  Therefore the deficit for the JEC budget will be less as more students register. 
  • Opening Day- September 11 9:30-12:30
    • Cathy Joseph and the Education Committee are hosting the SJS opening day breakfast.  A sign up sheet will be going around to Ed committee members to contribute.  
  • Parent Hui
    • Hinda Diamond has agreed to run our first parent hui meeting of the year after Boker tov on opening day.  This is essential as we are anticipating at least 5 new families to join the JEC.  
  • New projects
    • Jessica shared the new projects for the JEC this fall
      • Shabbat in a bag- each week a different SJS family will go home with a canvas bag that contains all the necessary supplies to have Shabbat at home.  They will conical their experience, sharing feelings, experiences and tricks of the trade for the next family to learn from. 
      • Bar/Bat Mitzvah- Jessica has created a Bar/Bat Mitzvah handbook for the anticipated 20 celebrations this school year.  This will streamline the process and help families be as organized as possible.  Her and Rabbi Ken will also be holding a special Saturday morning family education for the 6/7th graders and their parents that will be a way to unlock the mystery behind a Saturday morning Shabbat service. 
      • Gan and JEC-Robyn and Jessica have been working very closely the past few months to create a bridge between the Gan and the JEC.  Contact information and leads are passed to each other constantly.   

Education Committee Meeting Notes Friday, June 10

06/17/2016 03:15:37 PM


Agenda for Education Committee Meeting-Notes

Friday, June 10 9:30-11:00 A.M.

1. Welcome and text study

a. Jessica lead the group in a text study looking at why the Book of Ruth is read on Shavuot. 

2. Sub-committee updates:

a. Teacher appreciation- outcome and thoughts for next year (Monica)

i. Jessica shared that the JEC gave teacher appreciation gifts to both the SJS/Kadima teachers and madrichim as well as the Gan teachers and assistants.

b. Gan support (Sarah and Robyn)

i. Under the new Gan Director, Robyn Israel, lots of great things are happening.

1. Robyn is working very hard to put new systems and standards into place for the Gan and the Gan staff.

2. She is working on getting bulk supplies such as organic snacks and sunscreen.

3. Robyn is also working on an Amazon wishing tree list for the items the Gan needs.  This will go up once she has finished going through and cleaning out all Gan areas.

c. Parent Hui (Jackie and Jessica)

i. We determined the goal of the parent hui is a chance for parents to connect.  That being said it was important that these events are more than a meet and greet and perhaps even have some learning involved.  Jessica, Akiko and Elila will be working together to come up with program ideas for the fall.

d. Summer program

i. The summer program for the JEC is set for the week of July 25th.  We need 10 students in order to run the program.  So far, 3 have signed up.  More information including a parent packet will be sent out in the next week. 

e. Mitzvah hui

i. We are changing the Bar/Bat Mitzvah program to include a mitzvah project called “Project Chesed.”  The families will meet with Jessica Bram and work together in choosing, planning and documenting their Project Chesed (their Bar/Bat Mitzvah) project.  This project will be out in the community and relate to the student’s interests and even their Torah portion.

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Education Committee Meeting Notes from Friday, April 8

04/05/2016 01:06:31 PM


Notes taken at previous

Temple Education Committee Meeting

Friday, April 8 9:30-11:00 A.M.

  1. Welcome, lunch and text study

Jessica and Cathy welcomed everyone to our committee meeting and Jessica guided the committee through a text study focusing on the importance to look at everything (even the Torah portions we read each year) with a fresh set of eyes.

  1.  Subcommittee Update:   
         A. Purim-A GREAT SUCCESS!
    1. Networking
      1. 11 potential new member families interested in JEC and preschool captured.
      2. 20 new temple eblast recipients.
    2. Outreach
      1. Full article: TGIF, Midweek and religious section mention
      2. Hawaii Public Radio Community Calendar
      3. Honolulu Family
      4. Facebook
      5. Honolulu Magazine
      6. Best Places Hawaii
      7. Yelp

   B. Teacher Appreciation-
           1.SJS teachers (May 15th)
                      a. Gift card
                      b. Book
                      c. Letters from students

           2. Gan teachers (Teacher breakfast May 6)
                      a. Gift Card
     C.  Parent Hui
           1. Over 20 parent participants
           2. Great opportunity for parents to meet and greet
           3. Goal
                    1.Creating a SJS community for parents to gather and kids to see parents get together
           4. Although there is not time this year for another meeting, we would like parents to come and
                        celebrate teachers on May 15th!
            5. Look for parent hui meeting dates in early fall!
     D. Gan
           1. Robyn Israel accepted job offer and will be officially starting May 15thClick here to see the full Gan report.

     E. Summer Program
          1. 1-week day camp will be July 25th-29th culminating in a Shul-in (Temple overnight)
          2. Monday-Thursday will be from 9:00-3:00.  Friday from 9:00-Saturday 9:00.
          3. Flyers and more information will be available soon!

     F. Mitzvah
          1. Rolled out the project Chesed plan for the following year for all Bar/Bat Mitzvah students.
          2. Jeff and Cathy are in the process of recruiting subcommittee members with the goal of putting together a resource
              packet for families with upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah students.
          3. Looking at how Temple can benefit from this celebration by having resources available

3. It’s Rabbi Time
     A. Rabbi Ken asked the committee to consider the following question:
          1. What is the goal of the education committee?
                 1.Some answers included:
                          a.Supports the education directors
                          b. Gets work done.
                          c. Helps to create Temple’s signature event: Purim, Passover, other
      B. Rabbi Ken complimented the volunteers for their work and commitment to Temple education

4. Other
      A. Safety concerns and a need for ongoing oversight brought to the table.
      B. Subcommittee potential to be added as a 7th committee?

5. NEXT MEETING: June, 10, 2016 9:30-11:00 AM
       A. Open Forum, all welcome for part or whole meeting

Education Committee

02/17/2016 11:55:05 AM


Shaloha Temple Emanu-El,

Greetings from the Jewish Experience Center Education Committee 2016!

We are your new co-chairs, Cathy Joseph and Jessica Bram.  With a new year, comes new and exciting opportunities.  Join us for one meeting, several meetings, all our meetings, anything is OK with us.  We would love to see your face and have your input.  Currently, we have six active subcommittees that have more flexibility with their meeting times.  Feel free to reach out to any of our chairs and get involved!


To keep you informed, we will be posting our agenda notes following each Education Committee meeting.  This level of transparency and collaboration is meant to keep everyone informed throughout the year.  Additionally, we will have subcommittee reports posted in brief to share what these groups are doing.  We have had two active groups since the onset of the year.  Please refer to the notes below.

Purim Carnival:

Our Purim committee is hard at work creating a fun, well organized, quality event that is open to the public.  Our carnival is Sunday, March 13 from 10:00-2:30.  We will be using the parking lot to showcase our big attractions (castle bounce house, dunk tank, Sumo suits, inflatable obstacle course, petting zoo, Kona shave ice truck, balloon twisting and much more), the courtyard will be used for the midway games and the social hall for food. Parking will be offsite at Maemae elementary school just down the road and shuttles will be provided.  We could use your help during the carnival!  Please contact me if you are interested in volunteering the day of.  Also, bring your friends and family and your friend’s families!

We will be making from scratch and selling hamentashen this year.  Pre-order forms will be going out Monday.  I need help baking.  Please contact me if you are interested.

Gan Search Committee

  • Search Committee Members: Sarah Knox, Cathy Joseph, Jessica Bram, Momi Martinez, Perry Howell, Richard Field, Justin Levinson
  • Objective is to hire a highly qualified Director for The Gan Yerushalayim with a projected start date in May 2016.
  • What we have done:
    • Richard, the Temple’s Executive Director, advertised the position on a number of job sites and screened all resumes.
    • The search committee met to create interview groups and clarify the job description (see attached).
    • Qualified applicants were offered a first interview on February 19th with the lay personal on the search committee.
      • Three candidates who met qualifications were offered an interview.
      • Of those three, two have withdrawn for various reasons.
  • What we are currently doing:
    • Those applicants who pass the first interview will be offered a second interview with Richard, Jessica, Momi and a teacher from the Gan.
    • Those applicants who pass the second interview will be observed teacher a class at the Gan.  References will also be checked by Richard.
Saturday, May 27 2017 2 Sivan 5777