Jewish Experience Center

Teacher Apprciation

On Sunday, May 7th we will be honoring the hard work and dedication of our SJS teachers.  Help us say “Todah Rabah” thank you very much to our teachers by making a donation to the Teacher Appreciation Fund.  Suggested donation is $5 per child.  Thank your for your generosity!

Jewish Experience Center

The Jewish Experience Center is the umbrella department that encompasses all of Temple Emanu-El's youth and young family experiences under a singular notion: "Na'aseh V'nishmah" - "We will do and we will understand." This biblical precept, along with the new JEC educational vision are driving an educational shift that has already begun to take place this year from only frontal learning for grades K-7 to holistic and experiential learning and opportunities for all youth and young families.

The JEC Educational Vision

At the JEC, our educational opportunities support and challenge our learners in order for them to become educated Jews who:

  • Connect with their Jewish community both here in Honolulu and around the world.
  • Integrate the cultural, moral and spiritual values of Judaism into their lives.
  • Cherish the language, history, text and homeland of the Jewish people.

With these three cornerstones, JEC is providing a new standard of excellence in holistic Jewish education through immersive learning experiences for all ages.

Celebrate with Our B'Nai Mitzvah Students!


All are welcome to Shabbat (Saturday) morning service and Kiddish luncheon!

Fri, 28 April 2017 2 Iyar 5777